7 Best Socially Responsible Companies

Social responsibility is becoming more of a necessity than a suggestion for businesses. Consumers want to be a part of the social change and look for companies taking actions towards being socially responsible.

7 Best Socially Responsible Companies

Social responsibility is becoming more of a necessity than a suggestion for businesses. Consumers want to be a part of the social change and look for companies taking actions towards being socially responsible. Many well-known companies have fully embraced social responsibility and have partnered with various nonprofits to drive change. In addition to helping the planet, social responsibility also helps companies gain their audience’s trust. With thousands of companies doing their part, real change can take place, such as global issues, hunger and health, climate change, and so on. Keep reading to see some of the best socially responsible companies out there and what they’re doing to make a change.  

1. Adidas 

Adidas has a significant influence on the athletic wear world. As a socially responsible company, they’re heavily involved in the war against plastic. They currently work with Parley to turn plastic waste into high-performance sportswear. They’ve also partnered with Greenpeace for a DETOX campaign to eliminate toxic chemicals from global supply chains. Run For The Oceans is another long-standing campaign they’ve organized since 2018 to help raise funds and awareness. 

2. Johnson & Johnson 

For the past three decades, Johnson & Johnson has focused on reducing its carbon footprint. Their methods range from taking advantage of wind power to providing safe water to communities worldwide. To further their efforts, they purchased a privately-owned energy supplier in Texas to reduce pollution while providing a renewable, economical alternative to electricity. Their ultimate goal is to have 100% of their energy needs from renewable sources by 2025. 

3. Patagonia 

While Patagonia is notorious for its high-quality, comfortable outdoor gear, they’re also a long-standing leader in the impact space. As a diligent supporter of grassroots environmental efforts, they’ve made progress to a better planet. They recently stated that 20 million dollars had been donated through customer contributions to Patagonia Action Works! In addition, Patagonia gives 1% of all sales to environmental organizations globally. They also do a great job at keeping their audience informed on any news and updates. Their blog page showcases ecological stories worldwide and encourages people to be active and submit their efforts. 

4. IndiGoReach 

IndiGo’s social responsibility focuses on female empowerment, environment, children/education, and heritage. They’ve partnered with various organizations, including Grow Trees, KK Academy, Tamana, and the World Monument Fund. Because of their active efforts, they’ve helped empower over 64,000 women, educate more than 47,000 children, and plant over 40,000 trees. Talk about taking active steps towards change! 

5. Coca-Cola 

With Coca-Cola being one of the largest brands out there, they want to make sure they’re making a difference. Their key areas of sustainability are climate, packaging, agriculture, product quality, and water stewardship. They’ve advertised their messaging to be “a world without waste,” which means that they’re going to make active efforts to reduce their carbon footprint through packaging and water use. They plan to collect and recycle every bottle, make their packaging 100% recyclable, and replace all water used in creating their drinks back to the environment to ensure water security. By 2030, they want their carbon footprint reduced by 25%. 

6. Dr. Bronner’s 

Dr. Bronner’s is notorious for its sustainable practices. They’re a certified B Corporation and a certified feel-good company. They also have many other certifications listed on their website. They produce sustainable products such as USDA organic soaps, balms, lotions, and cleaners. Dr. Bronner’s has placed a cap on executive pay to ensure the difference is only five times greater than the lowest-paid employee. In addition, they offer profit sharing and childcare benefits to enhance the lives of their employees. 

7. All Good Products 

All Good Products is a skincare brand that cares about more than your dollar. They’re a B Corporation member and focus on selling products that are not only good for your skin but good for the planet as well. One of their best sellers is their reef-friendly sunscreen. All Good is fighting against introducing toxic chemicals into lakes and oceans. They invite their consumers to do the same through their Reef Pledge. Not to mention that their entire production runs off of renewable energy from solar panels! Their mission is at the root of everything they do, and it’s very apparent to other companies and consumers. 

Businesses see the power they hold not only within their competition but also within a global standpoint. These companies have made a name for themselves because they started to invite something bigger than themselves into the picture. Consumers want to know that this is more than just business to you. They want to feel like you genuinely care about your employees, consumers, and the planet. What steps will you take to become a more sustainable business? 

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