8 Ways to Support Local Businesses

There has been a lot of hype around the phrase “support local business” lately. With the aftermath of the pandemic’s original shock still affecting local businesses, it is crucial now more than ever to support these hometown businesses.

8 Ways to Support Local Businesses

There has been a lot of hype around the phrase “support local business” lately. With the aftermath of the pandemic’s original shock still affecting local businesses, it is crucial now more than ever to financially, physically, and emotionally support these hometown businesses. Local businesses are an essential aspect of the economy for growth and employment opportunities. With the convenience of major online and wholesale brick-and-mortar stores putting local businesses out of business, shopping local is key to keeping the economy thriving. With all of its economic benefits, here are eight small ways you can support your local businesses.

Engage on Social Media

User-based content is a great way to get friends and followers to check out the local business. One commonly used form of user-generated content is when a customer posts photos or videos of their shopping/dining experience. The company can use this content as free advertising when they repost or share it on their social profiles. Also, engaging on your favorite local businesses posts with comments, likes, and shares shows others how much you love the business and encourages others to give it a try!

Write a Review

90% of buyers are more likely to convert into a customer after reading reviews. 90% is a massive amount of potential customers reading online reviews and deciding if they want to come to visit your business within only a few minutes of research. People turn to reviews when they want an honest opinion of the company and its products; positive reviews can do wonders for a local business. Next time you write a review, try to have a positive outlook; it has a more significant impact on the business than you would think.

Consider Shopping Small

This goes without saying, but you should always consider shopping small before immediately going to a large corporation for items. Yes, one-day shipping is hard to beat, but so is the ambiance of walking into a store and greeting the owner who is making a living wage off their passion. The quality of the items you buy in a local business also makes up for the price gap, low inventory, or convenience factor that may discourage you from shopping locally.

Buy Merchandise

Repping your local coffee shops t-shirt or putting their sticker on your laptop is not only a great way to personalize your style, but it also gives the business you love some extra recognition. Brand recognition is vast when it comes to getting new customers. The more times a customer hears good things about your business, the more they get interested in trying what everyone is saying. Showing off their merchandise is also a great way to represent and get visitors to your city, which could boost your local economy.

Tip Generously

Of course, if applicable and you have the means to, give a 20% (or more) tip. Generously tipping those who provide a service is a common courtesy, especially for those small businesses that may not afford to pay their employees as much as large companies. Tipping generously locally (while also paying the total price) is one sure way to give local businesses the financial support they need.

Buy Gift Cards

Purchasing gift cards is one way to give local businesses a boost of financial support. While you might not factor this into your buying habits, getting a gift card to a local business keeps them open during slow periods, especially during pandemic recovery. If you aren’t making as many trips in store during the summer as during the holiday season, purchase a gift card to keep them open and then use it when you need it the most.

Offer Your Services

Local businesses could always use extra bodies, whether you are an accountant, social media expert, or just volunteering your helping hands. Offering your services for free or at a discount is a great way to stay involved and help your community. Offering your help connects with your local businesses and gives them the moral support they need to get through a rough time. There are many ways you can emotionally, physically, and financially support your local business by offering your services; all you have to do is ask.

Start a Contest

If you have a decent following on Instagram or Facebook, consider doing a giveaway for your followers. A giveaway could entail sending free merchandise or gift cards to people who repost, like, and follow the business. It is a fantastic way to get people to share and like the post, spreading more awareness to people who may have never seen your store and engaging those who are regulars.

Overall, being helpful to your local business in this challenging period of economic recovery is number one. It will also feel good to know you are supporting a local person instead of contributing to a corporation that you are unsure where your money goes. Supporting local businesses is not a trend but a lifestyle change that means being a responsible shopper. For more information on how to be a more accountable shopper in a fast-paced world, SCORD is your number one source.

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