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Use SCORD to let consumers know how great your business is, build awareness on how you create change, and experience lasting success.

Gain the Customers You Deserve

SCORD provides the exposure and reputation you deserve by connecting you to consumers who value your business and the initiatives you take for a better world.

SCORD uses a proprietary scoring system to rate businesses on customer service, employment practices, environmental friendliness, philanthropy, and the quality of products and services.

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Additional Benefits of Working with SCORD

Unique Targeting Opportunities

SCORD is the only app of its kind, making it the sole source for corporate social responsibility, all in one place.

Valuable Feedback

We help large corporations, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses grow by giving them valuable feedback.

A Community for Creating Change

SCORD encourages businesses to continue growing and enacting change by becoming more socially responsible.

More Money for a Better World

Socially responsible companies are more likely to gain investors, which means more money for making positive changes.

Blog Articles

4 Benefits of a Corporate Social Responsibility

It’s no secret that corporate social responsibility is a golden trait in businesses these days. What does corporate social responsibility exactly mean? It’s usually used to describe how a company works to improve its community.

How Social Responsibility Can Boost Your Revenue

Social responsibility is more than just doing your part. It also brings in more consumers, more engagement, and more revenue for your business.

8 Ways to Support Local Businesses

There has been a lot of hype around the phrase “support local business” lately. With the aftermath of the pandemic’s original shock still affecting local businesses, it is crucial now more than ever to support these hometown businesses.

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