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Connecting socially conscious consumers to socially responsible organizations.

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Build Awareness for Your Good Deeds

Use SCORD to let consumers know how great your business is, build awareness on how you create change, and experience lasting success.

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Gain the Customers You Deserve

SCORD provides the exposure and reputation you deserve by connecting you to consumers who value your business and the initiatives you take for a better world.

SCORD uses a proprietary scoring system to rate businesses on customer service, employment practices,
environmental friendliness, philanthropy, and the quality of products and services.

Additional Benefits of Working with SCORD

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Unique Targeting Opportunities

SCORD is the only app of its kind, making it the sole source for corporate social responsibility, all in one place.

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A Community for Creating Change

SCORD encourages businesses to continue growing and enacting change by becoming more socially responsible.

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Valuable Feedback

We help large corporations, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses grow by giving them valuable feedback.

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More Money for a Better World

Socially responsible companies are more likely to gain investors, which means more money for making positive changes.

Blog Articles

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Social responsibility is becoming more of a necessity than a suggestion for businesses. Consumers want to be a part of the social change and look for companies taking actions towards being socially responsible.

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